Civil Engineering

  • Structural engineering
  • Reinforced concrete and steel construction
  • Soil mechanics and foundation
  • Bridges and silos
  • Hospitals
  • Public works sewage engineering
  • Restoration of structures
  • Water structures and irrigation requirements


  • Residential apartment buildings and villas
  • Educational facilities, colleges and universities, libraries
  • Cultural museums
  • Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and health centers
  • Mosques, Islamic centers and multipurpose religious centers
  • Governmental, public city and town halls, embassies and recreation buildings
  • Commercial shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, Restaurants, parking garages, TV stations, and hotels


  • Tender preparation of contracts, preparation of bid documents and bid analysis
  • Applying for Construction Permits & Licenses on behalf of the owner and follow up till they are issued from the appropriate governmental institutions
  • Negotiation of contract
  • Execution time schedule
  • Work organization
  • Site supervision
  • Supervision of sub-contractors
  • Operation of final accounts
  • Construction management and administration